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           Stand out on the shelf. Utilize custom boxes and paperboard
         boxes for custom packaging. Combined with unique designs,
                      packaging can look high end and one-of-a-kind.

                                                                ROLL LABELS
                                                                  Whether used for products, logos, warning labels,
                                                                or box and envelope seals, roll labels come in various
                                                                shapes, sizes and materials. Most importantly, they
                                                                always make an impact.

         Packaging                 Roll Labels Options

         • Custom Boxes             • Bright Silver Metallic
         • PaperBoard Boxes         • 70LB Eggshell Felt
                                    • Semi-Gloss
                                    • White and/or Clear Stock
                                    • Repositionable Labels
            Tags                                                          TAGS
                                                                            Hang tags and header tags help products
          • Hang Tags                                                     pop on the shelf. Either for branding,
          • Header Tags                                                   pricing, or promotions, it’s a small touch
                                                                          that’s a big asset.
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