A direct mail campaign can seem like a difficult task to manage. National Print + Promo can help you through the entire process to meet your target goals. If you need help determining what the best approach is for your campaign, we'll help you access your market to choose the right targets for you to focus on. Then the fun begins.

From the design of the pieces to be included, to the tracking and reporting of results, National Print + Promo has the skills and equipment to make your direct mail vision a reality.

  • Onsite design capabilities
  • Four color process printing capabilities
  • High Speed Addressing Systems
  • Folding and inserting equipment
  • Data capture and manipulation capabilities
  • Output reports of success
  • Online tracking/monitoring tools of your campaign
  • Complete Turn-Key solutions for all your direct mail needs

These are a few of the capabilities that make your direct mail campaign easy to manage with National Print + Promo. Whether is it a one time mailing to 2,000 people or a monthly mailing to 2,000,000 people, no direct mailing campaign is too small or too large, so call your representative today to find out how your organization can benefit from a direct mailing campaign.